What documents should you take onboard of a plane?

What documents should you take onboard of a plane?

ID card or passport

  • It is recommended to have a valid passport while travelling abroad, even if you travel inside the Schengen zone, where only an ID card is required.
  • If you travel to countries outside EEA (European Economic Area), a valid period of your passport should be at least 3 months ahead, and in some cases (for instance in Kenya and Egypt), at least 6 months from arrival.
  • Invalid or damaged passports in any circumstances can’t serve for crossing a border and in such cases, passenger won’t be allowed onboard of a plane without a right for recompense.
  • Having an adequate, valid identification document (passport or for EEA countries – an ID) is absolutely crucial while travelling abroad.


  • Before your journey, get to know what the visa rules are in the country you are heading to.
  • Apart from the rules in the destination country, check also conditions of transit in transfer countries. Some countries require transit visas from citizens of certain countries (in the US or Belarus).

Our consultants can give you basic information if a visa is required and of what type. It should be noted though, that eSky does not deal with visa matters and do not give detailed information on this issue.

Electronic ticket number or a boarding pass

Having the number (code) of your booking or the number of your e-ticket is advised in any case, as it can make check-in seamless in many situations. Lack of a booking number, or e-ticket number can cause inability to match a name on the passengers’ list with a name shown on the ID, and as result, a denial of entering onboard the plane.

Using airlines Ryanair, Wizz Air or EasyJet you can do online check-in via eSky. Specific instructions and a hyperlink to check-in are sent to you in an e-mail along with your e-ticket. The hyperlink gets you to the check-in form – after filling in the data, you get an e-mail with a check-in confirmation and a boarding pass attached. Print this paper and make sure to take it with you to the airport together with your ID, that was used for the check-in.

Hotel voucher

Received via e-mail, the hotel voucher should be printed and taken with you as a confirmation for the payment of the hotel. Based on the displayed voucher you will receive the keys to your room.

Insurance policy

After purchasing an insurance policy on eSky, you will get it sent via e-mail. You should print it and have it with you as confirmation of having insurance. If you don’t have insurance, check how to choose a proper one.

Other documents

On some routes and in some circumstances, passengers are required to have additional documents, whose displaying is the condition for the allowance to enter onboard the plane. Such documents are, among others:

  • Testimonial that a pregnant woman can take a flight (usually required from the 28th week, but it is worth to have it earlier)
  • Certificate on vaccinations (if they are required in a destination or transfer countries)
  • Order allowing of the carrying of a child by the airlines (if the child travels without a guardian)
  • Certificate from a vet and a passport for an animal (if you travel with one)
  • Allowance to carry weapons (if you travel with a hunting weapon)

Remember! If you’re planning a trip, make sure you bring the travel documents which will be necessary for that trip. The requirements may vary considerably, depending on the country of arrival and the transit country, if your travel includes stopovers. To be certain on what documents you should bring with yourself to your destination country, it is recommended to check the continuously updated information published on the government's website:


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