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How to find cheap flights?

Because of the high price of flight tickets, every traveller wants to find out how to fly cheap.
By knowing these tips you can save up to several hundred euros! So, how to find cheap flights?

  • There are a few simple rules to follow to always fly on the cheap. Rule number one: never buy the first random flight you spot on the website. Prices of airline tickets go up and down depending on the day of the week or even the time of the day. How to snap the best deals on flights to Malaysia? Here is advice to remember: search, compare, repeat. Search air tickets using different criteria and tools to increase the chance of finding cheap flights. Compare selected tickets several times a day, for instance in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. Repeat it over a specific period of time to find the ideal flight.

  • Rule number two: be flexible with your dates. Flight tickets are usually the biggest cost of every trip so you should learn when to fly to save as much as possible. Traveling during the peak season, holidays or weekends will never be cheap so find another time to jet off to Malaysia. Generally, weekdays are less expensive than weekends, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which are the cheapest days to fly on all routes. By being flexible, you will be able to get the best deals that are available for those who can adjust.

  • Rule number three: plan your trip from A to Z. Excess baggage equals cost. Hand baggage is a standard for most types of flights, while on long-distance flights you may be allowed one free registered bag, but its weight is strictly monitored so try not to exceed it. When flying with budget airlines, calculate all additional services you would like to add to your booking, such as preferred seat, changing your booking, meals, etc. as usually all of them are paid extra. They are not necessary to get you to your destination so you can skip them and save more. Similarly, if you choose to fly with a full-service, book a seat in Economy class.

Find cheap flights to Malaysia without searching for them

Did you know that our tools can make most of the work for you? See how to find cheap air tickets without an effort.

  • Cheap flights to Malaysia can be found in the "Deals" section on eSky. This is where we gather great deals on flights that are constantly updated, including airline tickets to Malaysia. Click on the "Deals" tab on the website and type your city/country of origin in the "From" field and "Kuala Lumpur" in the "To" field and hit the "Search deals" button. Scroll down to see the full list of cheap airline tickets to Malaysia. Choose from multiple options available that may be served by different carriers and depart from different airports.

  • With the price alert, on the other hand, you will get email notifications every time the price of the flight you have selected changes. You will no longer need to spend long hours on the Internet browsing different websites in the hope that you will finally spot the perfect deal. Just click on the blue alarm icon after you have entered your travel criteria in the eSky search engine and hit "Search" to sign up for a price alert. This feature was created to monitor the routes so that our users do not have to.

  • You can also get free notifications on cheap flights by subscribing to the newsletter of a specific airline. Thanks to this you will get interesting travel deals straight to your inbox. In turn, subscribing to the eSky newsletter will give you access to secret deals that are up to 40% cheaper. You will not only receive exclusive deals on flights, including air tickets to Malaysia, but they will also be tailored to your needs thanks to analyzing user data by our system. Subscribing to the eSky newsletter is free and can be undone at any time.

The eSky search engine in 3 steps

Traveling has never been easier. You are only 3 steps away from your Hong Kong experience.

  • 1. To start searching and comparing cheap flights to Malaysia, first enter the city of origin in the "Depart from" field and type Kuala Lumpur in the "Flying to" field. If you are looking for round-trip tickets, choose your travel dates, if you want one-way tickets, change the ticket type option and enter your departure date. Select the number of passengers, and then hit the “Search” button.

  • 2. The eSky search engine will show you a wide range of cheap air tickets to Malaysia. To find your perfect flight faster, you can sort the results by price, travel duration, or choose the recommended option which is always great value for money. To narrow down your search results, use the filters to see only the options that meet your specific requirements, for instance, you can tick your preferred departure hours, carrier operating the route, and connecting point.

  • 3. Click on "Details" for more information on your flight, such as airlines serving the route, connecting point (if there is one), total trip duration, and travel class. You can also check how much time you will have to change planes (for connecting flights), what aircraft you will be flying on, and how much baggage and what services will be included in the price of your ticket. Click on the "Choose" button to book your cheap flight to Malaysia.

  • Flying to and arriving in Malaysia

    There are no non-stop flights from the U.S.A. to Malaysia, but the most popular carriers servicing this route are American Airlines, EVA Air, and Air China. Non-stop flights from the UK to Malaysia are operated by Malaysia Airlines and British Airways. Other airlines offering flights to Malaysia with one or more layovers, include, but are not limited to, Emirates, KLM, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Qantas, China Airlines, Phillippine Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Vietnam Airlines.

    Your cheap flight to Malaysia will arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL), Malaysia's main airport, which is also one of the biggest airports in the world. It is a hub for the carriers such as Malaysia Airlines, flyGlobal, MASkargo, AirAsia, AirAsia X, and Malindo Air. In 2018, the busiest international routes included Singapore, Jakarta–Soekarno–Hatta, Denpasar, Hong Kong, Bangkok–Don Mueang, Ho Chi Minh City, Taipei–Taoyuan, and Bangkok–Suvarnabhumi, while the number of passengers handled was as high as 59,988,409.

  • Malaysia vacation packages

    In addition to making our travel search tools available to our customers, we also have a myriad of vacation packages they can choose from as well as other complementary services so that they can plan and book their dream holidays in one place.

    Find accommodation, car rental, insurance, and any other services you will need besides flight tickets to create a cheap Malaysia vacation package and save much more vs. purchasing individually. By booking a hotel together with a flight with eSky, you can save up to 30%. The more services you book with us, the greater your savings.

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