Your eSky account: what does it give and how to use it?

Your eSky account: what does it give and how to use it?

To provide our users with comfortable services, we are constantly developing your eSky account. Check how you can better manage your bookings through your account and why it is worth to create the account!

Where can I log in or register?

The link to your account can be found in the menu bar on eSky websites or directly at this address.

If you have an account, you can log in with your email and password. That's all!

If you don’t have your account yet, you can register by entering your email address. Then we will send a message to your email address with a link that you can use to set a password. After setting a password, you can use your account.

What is your eSky account?

Your eSky account is where you can easily manage your bookings - including flights and hotels. With it, you can also add and save your details for online check-in. In addition, logged in users get discounts on hotel bookings and can receive notifications about changes in prices of observed flights. This makes searching for cheap travel opportunities even easier!

Additionally, the account enables faster and more convenient flight and hotel booking because you don’t have to fill in the booking forms each time. It is really important, especially for people who travel a lot!

What can you do in your account?

What options can be found in your account?

  1. Resend the booking confirmation to the selected email address.
  2. Adding the necessary data required for online check-in - both for you and other passengers.
  3. Changing the flight date - Your account allows you to send a query whether it is possible to change the date of the flight.
  4. Change of contact details - email address and telephone number.
  5. Viewing flight and hotel bookings.
  6. Information on required visas (with the possibility of their purchase) and other documents as well as current travel rules.
  7. Possibility to purchase additional services such as:
    • checked baggage,
    • priority boarding,
    • travel insurance,
    • car rental,
    • accommodation bookings – with a possible discount of up to 30%.
  8. Possibility to manage your price alerts - setting notifications about the best flight prices on selected routes.

Can you find previous bookings in your account?

If you are just setting up your eSky account, you can also view your previous bookings. You just have to use the “My bookings” form available on the screen and enter your eSky order number. Note! In order to import previous bookings, bookings must be made to the same email address used for your current account.

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